Brief Information About the IAPI

July, 3rd 2008 was the historical day for the national procurement practitioners. Through the third Symposium and Congress of National Procurement Professionals held at the Grand Candi Hotel Semarang, it was decided to develop a Professional Organization Procurement expert, namely the Indonesian Procurement Professional Association (IAPI).


Improving national capacity through goods and services procurement. Developing synergies and partnerships with all stakeholders to foster the profession of experts in the procurement of goods and services in Indonesia.


Becoming the place for the Indonesian Procurement Professionals to improve their ability and to practice information sharing as well as collaboration among members in giving positive contributions to the community welfare through goods and services procurement.

Organizational development activities:
  • Continuing to develop the regional IAPI in every province
  • Developing the Indonesian Institute of Procurement
  • Developing the Magister of Procurement and Supply Program

Consultation and mediation service:
  • Continuing the Procurement Contract Arbitration Education
  • Continuing the Procurement Arbitration Program
  • Continuing the Mentoring Program
  • Continuing the Expert Witness Program
  • Preparing the Procurement Agents Program

Special world event:
  • Tosucceed the IFPSM World Procurement Summit 2022 in Bali, Indonesia

IAPI membership intensification:
  • Selection of IAP! members through the UKPBJ organization
  • Activating the membership tuition
  • Continuing Membership Welfare Program

Future procurement development:
  • Actively developing up to date strategies and procurement methods
  • Actively participating in digitalization of procurement programs

  • Membership tuition
  • The implementation of workshops and seminars
  • The implementation of trainings
  • The implementation of advocacy
  • Publishing procurement print media
  • Advertisements in procurement print media
  • Non-binding sponsorship
Training, seminar and workshop programs:
  • Procurement Professional Certification Training
  • Procurement Management Training
  • Procurement Strategy Development Workshop
  • Procurement Strategy Seminar
  • National Procurement Meeting
  • Procurement Workshop of Goods and Services Law Cases Solution
  • National Talk Show
  • Keynote Speaker of Procurement Discussion activities

Procurement expert competency programs:
  • Improving the performance of the Professional Certification Institution (LSP) of the Indonesian Procurement
  • Continuing Procurement Professional Certification Program
  • Improving Procurement Professional Competency and Professionalism
  • Fostering member competencies through various activities
  • Adoption of the ethical code for procurement experts

Information services:
  • Continuing publication / publishing magazines, newsletter, as well as procurement journals and articles
  • Publishing the IAPI website
  • Developing the Professional Procurement Community

Partnership programs:
  • Continuing the collaboration and partnership with Domestic Institutions: LKPP, Ministries, Regional Government, Campuses, and Business Entities
  • Continuing the collaboration and partnership with the — International Procurement Institutions: IFPSM (International Federation Procurement and Supply Management), PASIA, and others
  • Continuing collaboration with Community Surveillance Institutions, ICW, and IPW
  • Continuing partnership with DPD/DPR to bear Procurement Laws